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Apr 18 (Fri)Godflesh, Nails, House of Low Culture 7:30 pm$20, $25 at the doorHawthorne TheareAll AgesAdded by: Winther   Details
Apr 18 (Fri)Godflesh, House of Low Culture, Cut Hands, and La Fin Absolute Du Monde12:00 am$16.00, $18.00 at the doorHawthorne TheatreAll AgesAdded by: kill_ass   Details
Apr 24 (Thu)Eyehategod, Stoneburner, Sioux & Dead by Dawn9:00 pm$18, $? at the doorBranx21+Added by: Bryce   Details
Apr 26 (Sat)Yob, Black Cobra, Diesto, Drunk Dad, Honduran8:00 pm$15, $17 at the doorMississippi Studios21+Added by: streetcleaner   Details
Apr 28 (Mon)Master, Dead Conspiracy, Nervochaos, Hate Storm Annihilation, Age of Ares9:00 am$10, $10 at the doorSlabtown21+Added by: Funeral Bitch   Details
Apr 29 (Tue)Mastodon, Gojira, Kvelertak8:00 pm$25.00, $25.00 at the doorRoseland TheatreAll AgesAdded by: Wicked666Basement   Details
May 3 (Sat)Ulcerate12:00 am$ at the doorTonic LoungeAll AgesAdded by: AustinF   Details
May 3 (Sat)Nile, TBA7:00 pm$13.50, $15 at the doorHawthorne TheareAll AgesAdded by: Winther   Details
May 4 (Sun)134912:00 am$15RottureAll AgesAdded by: b0ss   Details
May 10 (Sat)Korpiklaani, Turisas, Chthonic, Varg, Winterhymn9:30 am$15, $15 at the doorTonic Lounge21+Added by: PDXfolkmetal   Details
May 14 (Wed)Primal Fear, TBA7:00 pm$18, $20 at the doorHawthorne TheareAll AgesAdded by: Winther   Details
May 16 (Fri)Agalloch, Lasher Keen, Sedan9:00 pm$12Star TheaterAll AgesAdded by: Zach Holzman   Details
May 17 (Sat)Diocletian, Gravehill, Dead Conspiracy, Cemetary Lust8:30 pm$ at the doorTonic21+Added by: streetcleaner   Details
May 24 (Sat)DevilDriver, Whitechapel, Revocation, Carnifex, Rivers of Nihil, Fit For An Autopsy7:30 am$$20, $$25 at the doorHawthorne TheaterAll AgesAdded by: b0ss   Details
May 28 (Wed)Whitehorse(oz), Atriach, Scard8:00 pm$?, $? at the doorThe Know21+Added by: Painkiller   Details
Jun 6 (Fri)NegurÃ¥ Bunget, Grimegod, Ephemeros, Druden8:00 pm$ at the doorTonic Lounge21+Added by: Perkeo66   Details
Jun 11 (Wed)Havok, Wretched7:00 pm$10BranxAll AgesAdded by: Lumpcicle   Details
Jul 8 (Tue)[NEW] Behexen, Ceremonial Castings, Panzergod9:00 pm$12Rotture21+Added by: Perkeo66   Details
Dec 6 (Sun)godenied,nemesis,grim ritual,parietal and battle axe massacre9:00 am$8.00, $8.00 at the dooranalog cafe21+Added by: matt scott   Details

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